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The Wind Waker: Tingle Statues

Throughout the Great Sea, there are 5 secret Tingle Statues that you can collect. The Tingle Tuner, a GameBoy Advance connection, and Rupees are required, in order to drop Tingle bombs. For each Tingle Statue you collect, Knuckle (the blue Tingle) will give you 50 Rupees. If you collect them all, he will give you 500 Rupees.

Dragon Roost Cavern

In one of the rooms leading up to the boss key, where there is a lava pit, a rope on which you can swing on, and a useless alcove in the wall, (it's shaped like a T) swing to the useless alcove. Lay a tingle bomb on the floor, and a treasure chest containing a Tingle Statue will appear.

Forbidden Woods

Enter the room where you get Treasure Chart #1, jump to the platform on the right, and lay a tingle bomb there. A treasure chest containing a Tingle Statue will appear.

Tower of the Gods

In the room that takes you up a level, with the moving platforms and beamos statues, climb right to the top. Then face backwards, and you should see an empty platform. Put a tingle bomb there, and you'll be rewarded with a Tingle Statue.

Earth Temple

After entering the sun statue, you should come to a room with a bridge. Go half way across it, then glide to the hanging platforms to your left. At the very end, there is a ledge, where you must place a tingle bomb.

Wind Temple

In the room where Makar get's kidnapped by the monsters, fall down into the pit. Explode a tingle bomb on the ground, and a chest will appear with the final Tingle Statue.

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