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The Wind Waker: Characters


Link Link is a young boy who lives on the small island of Outset with his grandma, and his younger sister, Aryll. Link has just turned the age of the legendary hero, and as a tradition, must be garbed with green clothes. Unexpected to him, his birthday is about to become a whole new adventure...


Aryll Aryll is Link's younger sister. She is bright and cheerful, always looking for something to do. The seagulls of the Great Sea seem to be attracted to her too. After giving Link her treasured telescope for his birthday, Aryll is kidnapped by a large bird and taken to the Forsaken Fortress. She relies on Link to come and rescue her.


Grandma Link's grandmother has a very warm, loving heart, always open and welcoming. She houses Link and her granddaughter, Aryll, on Outset Island, and worries about them all the time. Upon Aryll's kidnapping, she becomes ill, but if Link heals her, she will become a source for home-brewed Elixir soup.

Outset Island Villagers

Outset Island Villagers This small community always have something going on, whether it be taking care of pigs, children, cutting grass, or simply carrying pots! They are keen to see Link grow up into a strong man, and will reward him if he does chores and jobs for them. The children are very enthusiastic and playful - and annoying!


Orca Orca is a strong warrior who has been practicing for many, many years. He lives in a small, double-story house with his wise brother, Sturgeon, on Outset Island. Orca will teach Link all he knows, and even give Link his first sword. He seems to be very keen on Knight's Crests, and will give up a legendary sword attack in return for a number of them.


Sturgeon Sturgeon is a very wise old man who lives a floor above his warrior brother, Orca. He is keen to teach Link many controls and movements. Sturgeon gets very upset when Orca is doing training and bumps a wall, because the things on his shelves all fall off and break.


Tetra Tetra is the leader of the pirates - taking after her mother - but, also the youngest. All of the other pirates look up to her and do what she says. She has a confident, yet sly personality, and underestimates Link's abilities. As she gets to know Link, she becomes more friendly and is willing to help Link on his quest.


Pirates This gang of pirates, strong and fiercesome, is under the command of Tetra. They all play a part on the ship, be it looking out for monsters, or steering the ship. They are not very independent, and wait for Tetra to give them commands. Their mission is to find a great treasure hidden beneath the great sea...


Ganon Ganon is the main villain, searching for the legendary Triforce. He seeks Princess Zelda, who holds part of the Triforce, so he captures any young girls with pointy ears to try an uncover he disguise. Ganon controls many villains all around the Great Sea, putting many races and communities in strife.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda The legendary Princess Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom, but no one knows where she is! Ganon is on the look-out for her, seeking her part of the Triforce. She will fight with Link strongly and willingly, to destroy Ganon and his evil minions.

The King of Red Lions

The King of Red Lions After being thrown out of the Forsaken Fortress, Link encounters a talking boat - The King of Red Lions. As well as a way of transportation across the Great Sea, The King of Red Lions acts as a father figure to Link, always guiding him through his quest and giving him helpful advice. He speaks ancient Hylian as well, and always has more information than he is willing to reveal...

The King of Hyrule

The King of Hyrule Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was once the King of Hyrule - back when it existed. To rid the land of great evil, the Gods flooded Hyrule, and for years, no one has known where its King, Hyrule, or Princess, Zelda, have gone. The King of Hyrule supports and guides Link on his quest, and play an important part in the storyline.


Valoo Once a peaceful dragon, protecting the Rito from danger, and being served in return, Valoo has recently become outraged because of some annoyance in the tall mountain he lives on. The spirit of the Skies grants young Rito a scale to help them grow their wings, but he won't do so while he's this angry!


Medli Medli, a young Rito, attends to Valoo and serves him with her best. She is a very responsible person, and feels it is her duty to climb Dragon Roost Cavern, speak to Valoo at the top, and calm him down. She also feels it is her responsibility for Prince Komali to grow into a strong man, as did his father. By fate, Medli becomes the new sage for the Earth Temple.


Quill Quill, a Rito postman, flies all around the Great Sea delivering mail. He is very good at arguing and encourages Link with many words of advice on his journey. As a postman, he hears a lot of things from many different islands and races. During Link's second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, Quill makes a very dangerous rescue plan, but saves Link's life!


Komali Prince Komali is a young Rito who takes it upon himself when he is unable to grow a pair of wings due to Valoo's rage. When Link calms Valoo down, Komali admires Link and respects him with all his heart, then gives Link his most treasured possesion: Din's Pearl. Later in the game, Komali uses his wings to save Link from the deadly clutches of Ganon.

Rito Chieftain

Rito Chieftain This strong and wise Rito leads the rest of his race, and they respect him greatly. With Princes Komali as his son, the Chieftain worries about him, but at the same time, he must manage his responsibilities as a leader effectively. When Link calms Valoo down and inspires Komali, the Chieftain thanks Link with a Piece of Heart.


Laruto Long ago, Laruto lived in a place called Zora's Domain, and became the sage of the Earth Temple. Her reponsiblity was to make sure the Master Sword retained its ability to repel evil, but Ganon's minions overcame her and took her sole, weakening the Master Sword. She appears as a spirit to Link and tells him how to find the new sage of the Earth Temple, Medli.

Great Deku Tree

Great Deku Tree The Great Deku Tree is the spirit of the earth, and he is an old, powerful, and wise being. He is quite defensless against enemies, because of his situation as a tree. The Great Deku Tree takes care of the Koroks, a race of forest spirits who spread seeds across the Great Sea. He will award Link with Farore's Pearl if Link saves a trapped Korok, Makar, for him.


Makar Makar, a very childish and uncautious Korok, is involved in more grown-up matters than his maturity suggests. He is skilled with the violin, and plays in the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven. Makar is destined to be the new sage of the Wind Temple, taking after Fado.


Koroks The Koroks are a race of forest spirits who were once human. They look up to the Great Deku Tree, and spread and plant his seeds all over the Great Sea in order to grow more forests. One of them is skilled when it comes to potions, and will make Link a blue potion if he gives them four Boko Baba Seeds!


Fado Fado was once a Kokiri from the ancient Kokiri Forest, and became the sage of the Wind Temple. Like Laruto for the Earth Temple, his job was to protect the Master Sword's legendary power, but the Wind Temple was overwhelmed by Ganon's monsters, and his soul was taken. He also appears as a spirit to Link and tells him to awaken the new sage: Makar!


Jabun This giant fish originally came from Greatfish Isle, but was force to move to a cave in the back of Outset Island when evil struck. In ancient times, he was called Jabu-Jabu, and he only speaks ancient Hylian in the modern world. He posseses Nayru's Pearl, and Link and the King of Red Lions must speak to him to get it.


Merman In every one of the 49 quadrants of the Great Sea resides a Merman. They are fond of All-Purpose Bait, and will mark the quadrant on Link's sea chart in return for some. They may also give a little tip about the island. In the past, the King of Red Lions helped their race, which is why they are willing to help Link.


Zephos Zephos is the nicer of the two siblings that control the winds. His monument stands strong on Dragon Roost Island and he teaches Link the Wind's Requiem so that he too can control the winds - and explore the rest of the sea. Zephos is fast-moving and can be a bit intimidating at times.


Cyclos Cyclos' monument has been broken, and he is outraged by it. Because of this, Cyclos travels around the Great Sea, making the winds go into havoc and creating cyclones to destroy boats. If Link can proove a keen aim to Cyclos, he will respect Link and teach him the Ballad of Gales so he can warp to different places across the sea.


Beedle Beedle is a positive man who runs Beedle's Shop Ship, a mobile shop that travels all around the Great Sea. He respects his best (and probably only) customer, Link, and gives him special deals and offers. After obtaining bombs, Beedle gives Link Beedle's Chart, which shows the locations of Beedles Shop Ship.

Tingle Brothers

Tingle Brothers Tingle is a grown man who wishes to become a fairy. He runs a tower on Tingle Island, and massively overcharges for his map deciphering skills. He will also help Link out with the Tingle Tuner - dropping bombs, and selling items - which Link can obtain by busting Tingle out of his jail cell on Windfall Island. Tingle bosses around his three brothers - Ankle, Knuckle, and David Jr. - to turn Tingle Tower.

Great Fairies

Great Fairies Seven Great Fairies can be found in various places around the Great Sea, and they will reward Link with item upgrades, such as more bomb/arrow/rupee carrying capacity, or a larger magic meter. The Fairy Queen lives inside Mother & Child Isles, and although she looks young, she is one of the oldest and wisest characters. She will give Link the Fire and Ice arrows once he finds Princess Zelda.

Goron Merchants

Goron Merchants Three wandering Goron Merchants can be found on specific islands in the Great Sea. They are keen on trading special items, and are essential for completeing the trading quest with Zunari on Windfall Island.

Killer Bees

Killer Bees The Killer Bees are a gang of four young children (Ivan, Jin, Jan, and Ju-Roberto), who are fearless and disobedient. Miss Marie is unable to teach them because of this. They will challenge Link to a game of hide-and-seek, and if Link succeeds, they might just start to behave!

Miss Marie

Miss Marie Miss Marie is the teacher of the school on Windfall Island. She is upset because she cannot teach the Killer Bees properly, but if Link sets them straight, she will be very grateful. Miss Marie also owns an island - Private Oasis. She loves Joy Pendants, and if Link gives her enough, she will give Link access to her island.


Lenzo Lenzo is an expert when it comes to anything Pictographs. He owns a Pictograph shop on Windfall Island, and Pompie and Vera suspect he is having an affair with Minenco. It turns out that Minenco is just very interested in Pictographs. Lenzo gives Link some Pictograph assignments, then with Link's help, he invents the Color Picto Box!


Zunari Zunari came from a cold land, but he shipwrecked on Windfall Island, and continues to wear his thick coat. He now runs a small shop on Windfall Island, where Link can buy a sail for his boat. With Link's help, Zunari's shop will burst into an active business. Zunari also hosts auctions during the night on Windfall Island.

Doc Bandam

Doc Bandam Doc Bandam runs a potion shop on Windfall Island. He is talented with making potions, and if Link can find and give him new types of Chu Jellies, he will invent new kinds of potions!


Tott Tott is big on music and rhythm, and he loves dancing. Tott can be found by a slab of stone on Windfall Island, and he is having trouble reciting a rhythm. If Link conducts with a 3/4 tempo, he will remember it and teach Link the Song of Passing.

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