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The Minish Cap: Great Fairy Fountains

Upgrades aren't necessary, but help throughout your adventures should always be welcome. This is where Great Fairies come in. If you find their hidden spots, and answer a few things for them, they'll be happy to reward you with upgrades including a Bigger Bomb Bag, a Bigger Wallet, and a Bigger Quiver.


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Great Fairy #1

Mount Crenel
Bigger Bomb Bag
Climb the western wall to the very first platform. Place a bomb between the two stumps and enter the cave. Throw a bomb into the water to make the fairy appear. She will then ask you a question and answer it with "neither" to receive your upgraded bomb bag.

Great Fairy #2

Minish Woods
Larger Wallet (Can Hold 500 Rupees)
Go northeast from Lon Lon Ranch and launch yourself up a cliff with the Cane of Pacci. Follow along the path until you come to a dead end. There will be a tree near you, enter it. A fairy will appear and she will ask you to throw all your Rupees into the fountain. If you agree to she will give you a bigger wallet that can hold up to 500 Rupees and you won't really have to give her your money.

Great Fairy #3

Royal Valley
Bigger Quiver
Enter the graveyard and find a wall that has two stumps by it, near the entrance. Place a bomb between then and enter the cave. Once again the fairy will appear. Tell her of your adventures, and she'll then ask you a couple questions and answer them with no, no, yes, no, no to receive a quiver that will allow you to hold more arrows.

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