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The Minish Cap: Bottle Locations

At first glance, you may not want these, but they can be quite useful. You can fill Empty Bottles with water, potions, milk, fairies, Picolyte, and charms. There are four different Empty Bottles found throughout your quest in The Minish Cap.

Empty Bottle #1

Empty Bottle In the northern part of the highlands, there's a ladder which is the destination of your first bottle. Once down the ladder, you'll notice bumps on the eastern wall - this means that it's bombable. So go bomb it, and you'll see a Business Scrub who will try to shoot you with a Deku Nut. Deflect the Deku Nut back at the Business Scrub with your shield, and then the Business Scrub will sell you an empty bottle for the cost of 60 Rupees.

Empty Bottle #2

Empty Bottle Go back to your house, and go fuse Kinstones with Smith (the guy by the anvil). When you do so, a treasure chest containing an empty bottle will appear outside the gate to Eenie and Meenie's garden in the Eastern Hills.

Empty Bottle #3

Empty Bottle In Hyrule Town, shrink and then go into the shopkeeper's store by crossing over the roof. Once inside, talk to him and get the bottle of dog food. In Lake Hylia, search for a house with a dog in it, and feed it. After you do this, you get to keep the empty bottle.

Empty Bottle #4

Empty Bottle In the cave in Lon Lon Ranch, there are several Gorons trying to break through the rocks inside. You must fuse Kinstones with a farmer and five Mysterious Walls (located inside caves - you need the Mole Mitts to get them) to get all the Gorons that you need, so they can break the rocks. After that, walk past them, and across the bridge to find a treasure chest containing the last bottle.

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