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The Minish Cap: Boss Strategies

Dungeon Bosses

Big Green Chuchu

When you first confront this enemy, he appears as a giant. In all reality, you are just tiny, and this chuchu is normal-sized. His attacks are pretty basic, being located in the first dungeon. He sways from right to left, trying to collide into Link. Once you use the Gust Jar to suck in the "foot" of his body, he will try to sway and fall on Link. That is when you should attack the head with your sword. After that, he tends to jump around the room, so RUN! Repeat this method until he explodes, and the Earth Element and a heart container appear.


Gleerok will shoot fire out of its mouth toward Link. When you get the chance, get to a side of him and use the Cane of Pacci to flip over his shell. He will faint, and you are able to walk along his neck and hit the crystal-looking thing on his body with your sword. After this, he will spit out a large circle of fire that will cover most of the area. He will dive into the lava and the lava pit will expand, as well as rocks falling from the ceilling. You can use your sword to make fire disappear. Repeat this method and the Fire Element will appear, along with a heart container.


There are three main attacks for Mazaal. He will use one of his hands to swipe across the room and try to grab Link. He will also make a fist and try to pound Link. Use your bow and arrows to shoot one of the eye-looking things on one of his open hands, and then use your sword to defeat that one hand. Do this with the other hand, then use one of the portals to become minish, and go into the limp head of Mazaal. Find the eye and use your sword to make it explode. The process will start all over again. Eventually, Mazaal will start shooting lasers out of his eyes, so avoid those. After the first time, when you go into Mazaal's head, you will have to use your mole mitts to dig to the right column with the eye on it, so dig fast! Repeat the method until Mazaal is defeated and you get the Ocarina of Wind and a heart container, the usual prize.

Big Octorok

This creature's first attack is shooting large rocks at Link. Use your shield to deflect these back at him. After a while, he will try and suck in Link and shoot him against the wall, occasionally trying to ram into him. This happens when the water turns into ice. Use your flame lantern to try and catch is tail (flower) on fire. When the ice turns back into water, he will again try to suck in Link and shoot him away. ONce he is in his ice phase again, he will charge into the wall, making rocks fall from the cieling. Occasionally, he will shoot out a black cloud which will make the room go dark, in which you should use your lantern. During his final phase, he will stay near the middle while attacking Link. Keep this method going until the Water Element and a new heart container are in your possession.

Gyorg Pair

While you are on Big Gyorg, you will have to dodge small frog-looking creatures. Small balls of power will also fly at Link as the battle progresses. After wounding Big Gyorg by using your multiplying power with your sword, they decide to shift. You will have to use your Roc's Cape to get on Small Gyorg. This is easier, because you don't have to worry about messing up your energy power. You only have to use yourself. Hit the open eye(s) as many times as you can. Small Gyorg will whip his tail around, so be careful. Only three eyes open while on Big Gyorg. Keep it up until you have the Wind Element and a heart container.

Final Boss - Vaati

Vaati Reborn

For the first few attacks, you will only have to hit the eye jewel on his robe. Then, protective eyes will appear around him. Just hit these with your sword. Sometimes, they will stop rotating and shoot lasers toward the south wall. When all of these eyes are destroyed, you have the chance to hit the jewel. Keep this up. Eventually, the protective eyes will have black clouds covering them. Use your gust jar and suck up the clouds, and then use your sword to destroy them. Repeat this until you have defeated Vaati Reborn.

Vaati Transfigured

Vaati Transfigured just wanders around the room, occasionally shooting out electric orbs or shadow spikes, which should be avoided. Shoot arrows at the orbs around Vaati. Four of them should turn red. These are the ones that need to be defeated. Use the floor panels to multiply yourself and hit the red orbs as many times as you can with your sword. Just repeat this method.

Vaati's Wrath

The first step is to wait until one of his arms to dig underground. Wait for it to come back up, and then flip it with the Cane of Pacci. Use the Minish Portal to go into the arm. Destroy the creature with the bright red eye. Do the same thing with the second arm. The second arm will be dark, so you will need your Flame Lantern to locate the right creature. In the next phase, Vaati will have four mini eyes in front of him. You need to split into four Links and wait for the eyes to glow a faint blue. Get in front of them and wait until beams shoot out of all of them. Use your sword to deflect them back and Vaati will be stunned. Use your sword to hit Vaati many times. Keep repeating this without getting hit by electric orbs and you will have defeated Vaati's Wrath, and beaten Minish Cap.

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