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Spirit Tracks: Items

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Realize that since Spirit Tracks hasn't arrived yet, the following content is speculation based on videos shown to the public. When the game gets released, we'll be sure to update the content.


Boomerang One of Link's main weapons from previous Zelda games is back once again. The boomerang is used for stunning enemies, which makes them immobile for a few seconds. That gives you the perfect time to either run away or attack whatever enemy it happens to be. However, it doesn't work on all enemies, so you can't always rely on it giving you an easy edge in duels.

Using the boomerang in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks is unique because instead of simply pressing a button and throwing it, you actually use the stylus to draw a path for the boomerang, which adds a lot of fun and interactiveness to the item.


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A key that\'s been moved by the Whirlwind Stunning an enemy
Found in, most likely, the second dungeon (judging by videos showing users with approximately five hearts), the Whirlwind, as we'll currently call it, is a brand new item to the Zelda universe. From what we can gather, it seems to function very similar to the Deku Leaf from The Wind Waker. Using the Whirlwind sends out a gust of wind that can do things such as stunning enemies and moving items (including dungeon keys that just happen to be laying in the middle of an unreachable area).

However, the Whirlwind's use comes with a twist - after clicking to use the item, you have to blow into the Nintendo DS's mic to create the gust of air.


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Attacking an enemy Swing across a gap with the whip
The whip (as we'll currently call it) is another item that's new but based on the same principles used in past Zelda games. From a distance, it's effective against attacking enemies, but it's main use is much like the Hookshots, Longhots, and Grappling Hooks of the past. There are certain areas in the game that have large gaps which Link obviously can't jump. Provided that there's a whippable area between the two ledges, you can click use the whip on it to have Link swing across.

Link's Train


Train Cannon
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Attacking a stone insect The cannon shooting wild pigs
Just like the ship's cannon in Phantom Hourglass, you'll be able to upgrade your locomotive in Spirit Tracks. We haven't found out how far into the game you get the cannon, but it's safe to assume it won't take too long. Use your cannon to move enemies like Skulltulas and herds of boar-like enemies out of your train's way.


Train Whistle
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Blow the whistle to move a herd of cows
When riding in your train, there are times when harmless herds of cows may be grazing near the tracks. To move them out the way, use your whistle before getting too close. Note that using the cannon on them is probably frowned upon.

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