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Spirit Tracks: Characters

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Realize that since Spirit Tracks hasn't arrived yet, the following content is speculation based on videos and images shown to the public. When the game gets released, we'll be sure to update the content.


Link The main protagonist throughout the Zelda series. As with every other Zelda game, you'll play as Link in an effort to save Hyrule. This time, Link is a railroad engineer, or at least, will be declared as one after Princess Zelda presents you with the Royal Engineer status during an upcoming ceremony.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda Usually, the damsel-in-destress in other Zelda games, Princess Zelda's situation in Spirit Tracks is much worse. Chancellor Cole kills her to use her body in the process of ressurecting the Demon King. Being a spirit of the after-life, she aids Link by possessing Phantoms which help solve puzzles within Hyrule's dungeons. Only by venturing to the Spirit Tower will Zelda be able to get her soul and body united.

Chancellor Cole

Chancellor Cole
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Chancellor Cole\'s train
Princess Zelda has noticed that Chancellor Cole might be up to some sneaky actions. Maybe it's because he wears two hats, or maybe it's because under those hats are horns. Whatever the case, she's absolutely right to worry. Cole wants to ressurrect the Demon King, an entity that is sure to take over the land of Hyrule. After killing Princess Zelda, he plans to use her body as a bridge for the Demon King's return.

Demon King

An evil being that resides underneath Hyrule, reminiscent of Ganondorf from previous Zelda games. He's chained via the railroad tracks, which have recently been disappearing. Chancellor Cole is trying to bring the Demon King back to Hyrule's surface, and only Link (as well as Zelda's spirit) can stop him.

We're not sure if the train itself is the demon, or if the demon rides in it.


When Link collects Tears of Light, his sword will gain power. Using the powered-up sword on a Phantom's back will disable it, allowing Zelda to possess its armored body.


Anjean Anjean is the guardian of Spirit Tower - she's trying to protect the tower and prevent the Demon King from returning to Hyrule. Since she believes Link is destined to save Hyrule, she entrusts the Spirit Train to both him and Zelda.


Alfonzo is the Master Engineer that trained Link. After escaping Hyrule Castle, he helps Link and Zelda travel to the Spirit Tower.

We're not sure if the artwork on the left is actually Alfonzo, but we believe it is. If it's not, we'll be sure to change it when confirmation comes out.

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