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Spirit Tracks: Boss Strategies

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Realize that since Spirit Tracks hasn't arrived yet, the following content is speculation based on videos shown to the public. When the game gets released, we'll be sure to update the content.

Large Beetle - Armored Insect

We believe this to be the second boss in the game (as the demo videos show five hearts which means it's either going to be the second, or third boss).

Phase 1: Clear purple mist, attack abdomin

Large Beetle When you first get into the Boss room, it'll be mostly empty, showing a cutscene with the boss flying overhead. It'll land near you, and the battle will begin. Its only attack is a headbutt, which is easy enough to avoid. Run around to the abdomin (ie. its butt) which you'll notice is covered by a purple mist. Use your Deku Fan on the mist to blow it away, leaving its unarmored area ... unarmored. Swing your sword at it consistantly to damage the beetle. After a few seconds, it'll recover its weakness, so you may have to do this a few times.

Phase 2: Blow spikey larva at boss

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Attacking a Beetle Larva Finish off the boss by tossing its larva
After a while, the Large Beetle will drop three Beetle Larvae onto the ground, while it continues to fly overhead. Attacking a Beetle Larva will cause it to curl into a ball covered in thorns. After a while, the boss will fly down and try to attack you. This is when you put those larvae to use; aim your Deku Fan at a curled up, spikey Beetle Larva so that it flies into the boss as its charging at you. Be careful as the larva can explode, which you'll know is about to happen when they start to flash. After doing this a few times, the bug will be defeated, earning you your second Heart Container.

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