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Ocarina of Time: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that we've learned throughout our years of playing Zelda that you may find useful if you're stuck, in danger, or just want things done quicker. Since we can't find everything ourselves, a lot of the tips and tricks are from fans of Destination Zelda.

If you have any strategies, tips, or tricks that you would like to contribute, send them to us by using our contact us page. If you have a screenshot to go along with your tip or trick (which we'd appreciate, by the way), go ahead and use our e-mail address, which is found at the bottom of our contact us page.

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Avoiding Monsters

If you want to avoid the Stalchildren when you're a kid roaming Hyrule Field, you can follow the dirt path. This works in Adventure of Link with other monsters, as well. While in Hyrule Field, if you have the Bunny Hood, equipping it will allow you to avoid any confrontation with the Stalchildren at night.

Butterfly Trick

There are small yellow butterflies found around Hyrule. If you find one, and your patient enough, pull out a Deku Stick and try to touch the tip of it on the butterfly. If done correctly, the butterfly will turn into a Fairy!

Dying Soldier

After the cutsceen showing Zelda throwing the Ocarina of time into the river, retrieve it and enter Castle Town. Head into the back alley, until you find a soldier resting against the wall. He will inform you that Princess Zelda had something to give you, (the Ocarina) and that if you have it to head towards the Temple of time. He'll then lean forward and die. If you try talking to him again, you'll get the message "He's not moving anymore..."

Although this isn't technically a tip or trick, it's still something most people have overlooked.

Easy Golden Skulltulas

If you want to get all gold skulltulas very quickly, then go to the thin tree by the moat at Hyrule Castle (on the corner when you turn to go around by where you woke Talon up). Sing the Song of Storms and a hole will appear. Fall down and bomb the wall where there is a Skulltula behind it. Stand very close to the warp thing that gets you back up and equip your Boomerang. Throw the boomerang at the gold token and BEFORE it returns to you with the token quickly get on the warp. If you have done it quick enough, on the quest status your Gold Skulltulas would have gone up by one, but the Skulltula will still be down the hole well and alive. Repeat until you have 100! It works trust me, I did it to get 100 you just have to be very quick!

Free 200 Rupees

While this little tip is useful, by the time you can do it, you won't need it. In Ocarina of Time, there are Gold Skultulas. If you kill them, they leave behind a Golden Tokens. Collecting so many of them breaks the curse that five people have in a house located in Kakariko Village. When you break someone's curse, if you talk to the person, you'll get a reward ranging from a Heart Piece to an Adult's Wallet. When you'd found and killed all 100 Gold Skultulas, the man in the center of the house will reward you with 200 Rupees. While this doesn't seem like a great reward, if you leave the house and enter it again, he'll give you another 200 Rupees. Every time you enter the house, he'll give you 200 Rupees. To kill all of the Skultulas, you have to basically beat the game anyway, so it's not really worth it, but it's there if you ever want it.

Giant Monsters

Guay Throughout Hyrule, there are monsters that will be larger than normal if done properly. The three monsters that do this are Stalchildren, Guays, and Leevers. All that you have to do is continue killing them; after a while a larger version of that monster will appear. You can get an even bigger Stalchild out if continue to kill Stalchildren even after the first big one has appeared.

To kill Stalchildren, as a kid, roam Hyrule Field at night. You're going to have to kill each Stalchild as quick as you can, and try to get them to re-appear quickly. To help do this, don't travel on the trail. You can read more about that in the "Avoiding Enemies" tip. To get to the point: Stalchildren don't appear when you're following the trail. If you want to see a bigger version of Guays, a good place to do this would be as a kid, near the back of Lon Lon Ranch. Leevers only appear in the Desert Colossus, so if you're wanting to find a large version of them, that's where you'll want to go.

Hylian Shield

Grave In the Kakariko Village Graveyard at night, pull back the gravestone with some flowers placed in front of it. Drop into the hole and open the chest. This is an easy/free way to get the Hylian Shield.

Jump Attack

If you want to kill an enemy faster, whether it's a boss or just a Tektite, this strategy will do the trick. First, Z-Target the enemy, and then take out your sword. Make sure that you're close to the enemy; if you're not close enough, you'll waste your time and possibly end up letting yourself get hurt. Now, press the A button. Your sword will come down on your enemy vertically, causing more damage than normal. If your sword wasn't out when you pressed the A button, you'll just roll towards the enemy.

Saving Deku Sticks

When holding a burning Deku Stick, before it burns out, draw your sword.

Thin Trees

Thin Trees In Ocarina of Time try rolling into some thin trees, as they can give you random items such as hearts, rupees, useful items and even Golden Skulltulas.

Content thanks to:
Henry, Lanayru, GlitchHalo, Highlander, Chloe, Chise
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