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Ocarina of Time: Cuccos

Cuccos are Hyrule's finest chickens. In order to get your second bottle, you must talk to the lady by the chicken pen in Kakariko Village. She will tell you that her Cuccos have ran away and ask you to find them for her. There are seven Cuccos scattered all over the village. Keep this in mind though, if you enter a house or leave the village the Cuccos will escape and you will have to re-catch them.

Cucco #1

Cucco 1
You will find your first Cucco near the entrance to Kakariko Village.

Cucco #2

Cucco 2
The next Cucco is wondering near the chicken pen.

Cucco #3

Cucco 3
After entering the village, roll into a crate that at the bottom of the steps near the Potion Shop.

Cucco #4

Cucco 4
Use a Cucco that you have already caught and walk up the stairs to where the half built building is. Use the Cucco to fly across the huge gap and get the Cucco on the ledge by the House of Skulltula.

Cucco #5

Cucco 5
Near the gate to Death Mountain, you will find another Cucco wondering about.

Cucco #6

Cucco 6
Take a Cucco that you caught and go up the stairs that lead to the windmill. Fly over the nearby fence to find another one on the other side.

Cucco #7

Cucco 7
While you're getting the sixth Cucco, climb up the ladder by the wall and the final Cucco is near the back of the windmill.

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