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Ocarina of Time: Characters

Young Link

Young Link From Kokiri forest, the place where children never grow up, Link was always the odd one out; he was the only one in Kokiri forest without a fairy. Until one day the magical Deku Tree summons him and tells him the truth, Link is all that stands between evil and the Legendary Triforce.

Adult Link

Adult Link After sleeping for seven years, Link awakes to find himself an adult, not only this, but also those he posses the Triforce of courage. Now it's his quest to save the seven sages, who have been locked by Ganondorf.

Young Zelda

Young Zelda The beautiful Princess of Hyrule, Zelda employs Link to stop Ganondorf before he gets a hold of the Triforce.

Adult Zelda

Adult Zelda In the seven years while Link slept Zelda was forced into hiding because she possesses the Triforce of Wisdom. No one knows where she is now...


Malon Malon is a small child who lives at Lon Lon Ranch. She tends to all the animals, especially a pony named Epona.


Talon Talon is Malon's father and the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. Link finds him sleeping by Hyrule Castle while going to deliver milk. Also, he is found sleeping in a house in Kakariko Village.

Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora Gaebora This somewhat annoying owl guides Link around Hyrule. Link's meets him in random places on his adventure.


Sheik Adult Zelda in disguise, Sheik helps Adult Link by teaching him songs that allow him to warp to near the temples.


Ganondorf The King of Evil and the Gerudo, Ganondorf has always wanted the Triforce. When he finally got it however, it was split and he was left with only the Power part of it.


Navi Links fairy companion, Navi knows all about the creatures and layout of Hyrule and shares her knowledge with Link when he needs it. She is Link's only true friend.

The Great Deku Tree

Great Deku Tree Guardian Spirit of the Kokiri Forest, when the Deku Tree refuses to help Ganondorf is cursed. Link tried to dispel the curse, but it was too late.


Rauru The sage of Time, Rauru kept Link safe for his seven-year sleep.


Saria Link's childhood friend, Saria turns out to be the sage of the Forest.


Darunia Leader of the Gorons, Darunia rewards link with the Goron's ruby when he saves Dodongo's cavern from the Giant Dodongo. He is also the Sage of Fire.

Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto Princess of the Zora, this tomboy rejects all of Links attempts to save her from Jabu Jabu's Belly, but afterwards grows an extreme crush on him. She is also the Sage of Water.

King Zora

King Zora King Zora resides at Zora's Domain. Worried to death of his daughter Princess Ruto, he sends Link out to search for her.


Impa Zelda's childhood carer and last of the Sheikah, Impa is the sage of the Shadows.


Nabooru Sworn Enemy of Ganondorf, Nabooru is the sage of Spirits.

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