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Majora's Mask: Characters


Link The hero of the game. When Link enters Termina, his horse is stolen by the Skull Kid, and Link is turned into a Deku Scrub. Now, Link has to stop the moon form falling on to Termina.

Skull Kid

Skull Kid The Skull Kid appears before Link wearing a mysterious mask with incredible powers. With the mask's powers, he has pulled down the moon which will destroy the world.


Tatl This fairy gets left behind by the Skull Kid and then becomes Link's companion. She helps Link out on his adventure and worries about her brother, Tael.

Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman This mysterious mask collector has been watching you and he can help you get out of your Deku Scrub form. But, in return, he wants his most treasured mask, Majora's Mask, back from the Skull Kid.


Epona Link's horse Epona gets taken away, but when Link gets her back, she can help Link get around Termina.

The Dekus

Dekus The Dekus all live in a palace located in Woodfall. They will not let other types of life in, but the Deku Princess has been snatched away and trapped.

The Gorons

Gorons These rock-eating creatures live east of Snowhead. It's meant to be warm, but it's been cold and snowy for quite a while now, and it doesn't look like it will change back.

The Zoras

Zoras The Zoras live at Great Bay in the Zora Hall. They are keen on music, and have a band called the 'Indigogos'. Their Zora eggs have been stolen by the Pirates of the Pirates' Fortress.

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