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Majora's Mask: Bottle Locations

There are six bottles you can find in this game. You can store many things in them such as fairies, water, milk, bugs, and fish. Below you will learn how to find every bottle in the game.

Bottle #1

Bottle 1 After finding Koume in the Woods of Mystery, go to the Southern Swamp and talk to her sister Kotake, in the Magic Potion Shop. She will give you a red potion to bring back to Koume. Give Koume the potion and you will get your first bottle in return.

Bottle #2

Bottle 2 Go to the Goron's Racetrack and win the race in order to obtain your second bottle.

Bottle #3

Bottle 3 During the first day, enter Romani Ranch and talk to Romani. During the night you must save the ranch from aliens. If you succeed, you will receive a bottle filled with milk. After you use the milk, you get to keep the bottle.

Bottle #4

Bottle 4 After you get the letter that you're supposed to deliver to Mama during the Kafei and Anju side-quest, enter the Milk Bar on the final night and talk to Madame Aroma. Give her the letter while wearing Kafei's Mask and she will give you a bottle in return.

*To view the Kafei and Anju Side Quest section click here.

Bottle #5

Bottle 5 In the eastern section of the Great Bay Coast, you will see a huge waterfall. You will also see some platforms, and one with a tree on it. Use your hookshot and shoot up to the platform and repeat the process until you make your way to the top. Once at the top enter the cave, where you will meet to brother beavers. Be sure to have your Zora mask equipped and race them. If you beat both brothers you will receive a bottle.

Bottle #6

Bottle 6 In Ikana Graveyard durning the final night, wear the Captain's Hat and talk to the Stalchildren. Ask them to open the grave that they're guarding and enter the grave. Inside you will meet Dampé, and you will have to direct him to find all 6 soil patches. Towards the end a Giant Poe will pop out, kill it and open the chest to earn your last bottle.

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