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The Legend of Zelda: Items


Arrows Long range projectile weapons that can be bought and used with the Bow. Each shot costs you 1 rupee. Arrows are dropped by enemies, and can also be bought for 80 gold from many shops around Hyrule.


Used to drag away enemys and clear your path. You can buy this in stores throughout Hyrule.

Blue Candle

Blue Candle Burn bushes with it. You can buy it from a few shops around Hyrule.

Blue Potion

Blue Potion A soup/brew that will refill all of your hearts. After you get the Letter from the old man in Hyrule, show it to old women scattered in caves across Hyrule, and they'll sell you Blue Potion for 40 rupees.

Blue Ring

Blue Ring Reduces damage taken by 1/2. You must hand over 250 rupees for it at a hidden shop.


Bombs One of the most useful items in the game. They can destroy boulders that block your path, and the can also destroy enemies. Many enemies drop these after you defeat them, and you can also buy them for 20 rupees (for four bombs) at several shops around Hyrule.


Boomerang A usefull item that can either kill or stun your enemy. Kill the three Goriyas in the first dungeon, and they'll drop the Boomerang.


Bow Allows you to shoot arrows. The bow is found in the basement of the first dungeon.

Magic Book

Magic Book This item will upgrade your Magic Wand, and make it more powerful. This can be found in Dungeon 8.

Magic Boomerang

Magical Boomerang An upgraded boomerang that can be thrown even farther. The Magic Boomerang is the special item found in the second dungeon... grab it from a group of nasty Goriyas.

Magic Key

Magic Key Opens locked doors, and it never runs out!! It's one of two items found in the eighth dungeon.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand A projectile weapon shoots beams and injures enemies. It's the special item found in the sixth dungeon of the game.

Magical Shield

Magical Shield An better version of the normal shield. This can be bought from various merchants.

Magical Sword

Magical Sword This sword does four times as much damage as the wooden sword. Found in the graveyard.

Power Bracelet

Power Bracelet Increases your strength. Found under an Armos on Death Mountain


Raft Use it to sail. It's the main item to find in Dungeon three, but you don't actually use it until you are trying to get to the fourth dungeon... but you still need it.

Red Candle

Red Candle A better version of the Blue Candle. It's the special item/weapon found in dungeon seven.

Red Potion

Red Potion Same as the blue potion, but you can use this twice before it runs out.

Red Ring

Red Ring Like the blue ring, but damage taken is now 1/4. After you get the Letter from the old man in Hyrule, show it to old women scattered in caves across Hyrule, and they'll sell you Red Potion for 68 rupees.


Shield Your trusty means of defense. You start out with a shield.

Silver Arrows

Silver Arrows Magical arrows that helps you beat ganon. It's one of two items found in Death Mountain at the end of the game, before you battle Ganon in the final fight.

Wooden Sword

Wooden Sword The sword you start with. In the beginning of the game, go to the cave in the north of the screen you're in, and the old man there will give you the Wooden Sword.

White Sword

White Sword This sword does twice as much damage as the wooden sword. Once the hearts in your reserve equal six or over, you are able to get the White Sword. Go to the old man in a cave around Hyrule and he'll give it to you in exchange for the weaker Wooden Sword.


Whistle This item is needed to kill the Digdogger. Grab it in the basement of the fifth dungeon.

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