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Adventure of Link: Enemies


Ache Aches are batlike creatures that live in trees and caves found around Hyrule, and swoop down and attack Link when he gets too close to them. These enemies are fairly weak, and simple slash with your sword is usually enough to take them out.


Acheman Acheman are demonlike versions of Aches. You can tell the difference between them because Achemen are red while hanging on a ceiling. They drop down from the ceiling and morph into their true form when you get too close. They attack by shooting fireballs. They morph back into their Ache form and fly away after they attack. While a downward stab in their demon form is enough to kill them, you can also let them get away after they shoot the fireball.


Bago-bago Bago-bagos are rock-spitting skeleton fish that also push themselves into Link. They usually appear in caves and bridges, and occasionally some dungeons. Although they spit rocks most of the time, there are also some in the Great Palace that can spit fire. You can turn them into Bits using the Spell technique.


Basilisk Found in caves, these lizards can become a problem if you leave them alone. The Fire spell is the only way to get rid of these beasts.


Bit Bits are living blobs of jelly that roam around Hyrule, in many different places. Although a sword hit is enough to destroy them, they can get annoying when there's a lot of them.

Big Bot

Big Bot Obviously, these are much larger versions of Bots, but they only exist in the Great Palace. A downward stab splits them into smaller Bots, so attack it, then take out its smaller selves one by one with your sword, or a magic spell.

Big Bubble

Big Bubble Big Bubbles are the larger versions of normal bubbles, and only exist in the Great Palace like the Big Bot. A sword attack turns them into two bubbles, so take care of them after attacking the larger one.

Blue Goryia

Blue Goryia You can find these demons in most dungeons, and they attack with boomerangs, so use the shield to avoid the boomerangs. You can use a downward stab to take care of them. There are blue, red, and orange Goriyas, their difficulty depending on their color.

Blue Moa

Blue Moa Moas are ghostly creatures that you can find around graveyards. Some of them are invisible, so find the Cross to take care of invisible ones. In the Great Palace, Moas spit fireballs. A stab with a sword can take care of them.


Boon These bees carry rocks that they use to plummet Link with. They tend to travel in groups, in deserts and swamp regions. Upward stabs are usually the best way to take care of them.


Bot Bots are just like Bits, except they can jump, and are blue. The attack strategy hasn't changed, either. Just slash them with your sword.


Bubble Bubbles aren't really enemies, but they hurt none the less. They're indestructible, too, so watch yourself when on lakes and avoid them.


Daria Darias are axe-wielding crocodile-like monsters. Orange Darias keep one axe and try to hit Link with it, but red ones throw multiple axes at him, making it tougher than orange ones. They're very tough, and you need to attack with your sword in between axe attacks to take care of them easily.


Deeler Deelers are spider-like monsters that live in the trees of Hyrule. They drop from their webs when Link's too close and attack. Take advantage of this by using an upward stab on them. Blue

Doom Knocker

Doom Knocker Doomknockers are well protecting creatures that throw hammers to attack. The hammers make it hard to get a frontal attack in, so jump and attack from above with a downward stab. It might take a few hits, as they are well-armored.

Dragon Head

Dragon Head Dragon Heads are just how they're named: flying dragon heads. Like Tin Suits, they steal experience points if touched. Upward and downward stabs are the best method of destroying them, but memorize their fighting pattern to keep them from sucking any more experience from you.


Fokka Fokkas are fast warriors roaming the Great Palace. Their main attack is a beam that's shot from their sword. Some good sword techniques can kill them, or you could just use the Thunder spell. They come in various colors.

Forest Molblin

Forest Molblin Moblins are pig-like enemies that throw spears. They are found in forests usually, and can be defeated using your sword or the Thunder spell. Like Goryias, the color determines their strength.


Fotail Fotails spit fireballs at Link. Their attack pattern is a fireball attack and then they hop into the air. Dodge the fire and attack with your sword when they land.


Geldarm Geldarms are centipedes that live in the desert. If you get too close to them, they show that they can grow much larger than Link. Attack them on the bottom so it will attempt to burrow back into the ground. When you can hit it, attack it in the head.


Ironknuckle Ironknuckles are mysterious soldiers that roam the palaces attacking intruders. There are red, blue, and orange. The orange are the weakest overall, the blue are the fastest and are more powerful than orange ones, but can't guard too well, while the red ones are the strongest. Use your sword in order to best these monsters.


Leever Leevers live in the eastern deserts, and are fairly easy to beat. When they pop up from the ground, use a downward stab to destroy them.

Lizard Man

Lizard Man Lizard Men are reptiles that are found in the eastern caves and dungeons. There are three colors, and each use a different weapon, and some use shields. They get to be quite a nuisance, as they are powerful and can wear you down easily. Use your sword to eliminate them


Lowder These beetles are found in dark caves, and look fairly slow. But if you get too close, they charge at you. They only hurt you by touching you, and a downward stab should be the best thing to do about it.


Mace Mace throwers attack by throwing maces, hence their name. The maces block Link's way, so he can't get close. Wait until they jump, letting you go in between the maces to hit it.


Megmat Megmats are no real danger, but they can become an annoyance. You can basically find them in forests, and their only attack is jumping on top of Link. Just hit them with your sword.


Moby Mobies are quick bird creatures that dive at you when they see you. They aren't strong, so they are usually found in groups. An upward stab can kill them easily.


Myu Myu are just little animals covered in spikes that live in Hyrule‘s dark caves.. Only the spikes hurt Link. A downward stab is the best way to take care of them.


Octorok Octoroks are octopi that jump at Link and spit rocks at him. They are found in many different places, and come in red and blue colors. The downward stab is effective against them.


Patra Patras are red flying eyes that roam dungeons. Their vulnerability is their eye, so attack when its eye is open. A downward stab works best.

Red Stalfos[/title"]
Red Stalfos]enemies/red-stalfos.gif[/img]
These Stalfos are harder to beat than regular Stalfos, mainly for their
armor. They are also excellent jumpers, and they can block Link's
sword easily. Your primary way to destroy it is your sword, but Thunder
works too.[/content]

[content][img alt= Ropes are snake-like versions of Octoroks, as they jump and spit rocks at you. Like the Octorok, a downward stab is the simple way to destroy it. Like Octoroks, there are red and blue, and the red is stronger.


Skettlar You can't hurt Skettlars on the outside, as their skin protects it effectively. Its main weak spot is its eye, so slash at it when it opens its eye.


Sorcerer Sorcerers are spellcasting beings that appear, attack with a spell, and then disappear. Don't bother walking towards them then attacking - let them come to you, then attack with your sword.


Stalfos Stalfos are skeleton knights that attack with a sword and defend with a shield. They are much weaker than Ironknuckles and can sometimes jump and use a downward stab. Their weak point is their legs, so duck and attack their legs when you get a chance.


Tektites Tektites are armor-plated spiders that jump across the landscape. Sword attacks can't hurt it, so use the fire spell to destroy it.

Tin Suit

Tin Suit Tin Suits are ghosts, and extremely annoying. They steal experience every time you touch it, and are found in the palaces. Although fast, they are very weak, and a single hit with your sword will defeat them.


Wizzrobe Wizzrobes are almost like wizards in almost every way. The difference? You can't hurt them with your sword. The only way to destroy them is to use the Reflect spell and reflect their magic back at them.

Wolf Head

Wolf Head Wolf Heads are actually just Dragon Heads, but are much slower. They also shoot fireballs at you. The attack strategy for Dragon Heads is the same for Wolf Heads, but they are much easier to kill because of their speed.

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