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Adventure of Link: Boss Strategies

Dungeon Bosses


Horsehead Horsehead is a really easy boss with basically only one attack which is a hammer that he swings. The only other way to get hurt is to jump into him. To defeat Horsehead jump at him and slash him in the head. After a few hits he will be defeated and you'll be on your way. For this boss I would recommend that you get your health and attack power up at least one level each before taking him on. I would also recommend at least 4 health parts.


Helmethead Helmethead is pretty similar to Horsehead. Once again you must slash him in the head several times. This time though he will shoot fire balls at you. Once you hit him a few times his head will pop off an begin to fly around the room shooting fire at you. A new head will grow in its place. Repeat the method and a second head will pop off and begin flying around the room. A new head will once again grow into its place. Slash him in the head a few more times and Helmethead will be history. Once again I would recommend getting your health and attack power up a couple more levels before taking him on.


Ironknuckle To defeat this boss you must first knock him off his horse. To do so jump and do a downward thrust when he charges at you. Hit him several times and he will be knocked off his horse. Now he is basically a normal Ironknuckle. Just slash him repeatedly until he is dead. No additional health or attack power is really needed for Ironknuckle. The amount that you had for Helmet head should do fine.


Carock Carock is nothing more than a giant Wizzrobe. Though a lot stronger and faster he will be no big problem. Use your reflect spell and crouch down in the right corner. Deflect his magic spells back at him until he is defeated. Since this boss is really easy you don't really need a lot of health. Two-three health parts is all you will really need.


Gooma Gooma is one of the hardest bosses in the game. He swings a giant chain which can do a lot of damage so I recommend using the shield spell. Once Gooma pulls his chain in rush at him and slash him a couple of times. Retreat and wait for him to pull his chain back in again. Repeat this proceeds until he is dead. If you happen to get stuck in a corner downthrust on his head. Though it wouldn't hurt him it will allow you to get out of the corner without taking damage. Before taking Gooma on I would recommend getting your attack power up to at least six or seven. I would also recommend having some good health and maybe enough magic to gain health if you get low.


Barba To defeat Barba jump onto one of the middle platforms and wait for him to rise from the lava next to you. Jump and slash him in the head. If he shoots fire at you just jump straight up to avoid it. Repeat the process and he will be over with rather quickly. For Barba seven to eight attack power should do just fine. He's no a real hard boss so maybe even less would be okay.

* Note: Don't fall into the lava as it will kill you right away.*


Thunderbird To defeat Thunderbird cast the Thunder Spell as soon as the fight begins to reveal his eye. Then I would recommend casting the Shield and reflect spells. Jump at him and slash him in the eye while avoiding the small fire balls that he shoots out at you. After several hits he will be done. To defeat Thunderbird I highly recommend having your health, attack power, and magic up to the maximum level 9. Full health is also advised.

Final Boss - Shadow Link

Shadow Link To defeat Shadow Link just go to the left side of the screen and duck. Don't stop slashing and he will continue to throw himself at you. Not a lot of health is needed for Shadow Link. Three to four health parts should be enough.

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