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A Link to the Past: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that we've learned throughout our years of playing Zelda that you may find useful if you're stuck, in danger, or just want things done quicker. Since we can't find everything ourselves, a lot of the tips and tricks are from fans of Destination Zelda.

If you have any strategies, tips, or tricks that you would like to contribute, send them to us by using our contact us page. If you have a screenshot to go along with your tip or trick (which we'd appreciate, by the way), go ahead and use our e-mail address, which is found at the bottom of our contact us page.

Dungeon Domination

When you reach the Dark World for the first time, head off to the Dark Palace (1st dungeon in Dark World). Play through until you get the magic hammer and use your mirror to return to the entrance. Leave and head towards the second dungeon. Go through and retrieve the hookshot and use your mirror and leave again. Get the Firerod from the third dungeon and exit the Dark World. Go to Kakariko Village and up through the woods to transport to the Dark World (farthest northwestern exit). Head into Gargoyle's Domain (4th Dark World dungeon) Go through and get the Titan's Mitt and exit. Go rescue the lost Smithie from the entrance to the village of Outcasts near the digging game and return him. Get your sword tempered and time to head off to Lake Hylia. Use the warp in Lake Hylia to return to the Dark World and fifth dark world dungeon (Ice Palace, this step is completely optional). Get your Blue Mail Armor and exit once again.

Now head to the light world and use the flute to get to the Desert and use the warp to reach the Dark world. Play through and beat this dungeon. Now, go get the Super Bomb and blow the hole in the Pyramid of Power for the Golden sword and the nice silver arrows. Now head back through each dungeon and dominate everything.

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