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A Link to the Past: Lumberjack Riddles

When you have 10 Medals of Courage in your Four Swords file (get these by collecting the most rupees in Four Swords levels), you can get a special whirlwind sword attack (which you can use by charging up a spin attack, and then pressing B repeatedly).

*This is for the GameBoy Advance version only*

Head off to the lumberjack's house which is next to the Lost Woods and Death Mountain. He has 10 riddles for you which you can solve by giving him an object, which you must catch with your Bug Catching Net.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! What is it? Go find it and catch it with your Bug-Catching Net!
Answer: A chicken, or a Cucco. There is one near the shop in Kakariko Village.

The scissors by the water... what is it?
Answer: A crab. There are a few around the north corners of Lake Hylia.

It's shiny and red. What is it?
Answer: A red rupee. Kill an Octorok in the swamp and you should find one.

It's moist and fresh... what is it?
Answer: A fish. Drain the water in the swamp using the switch in the white building, and run outside to find one.

BOOOM! Skitter-scatter... what is it?
Answer: A small Red Puffer. In the southeast corner of Hyrule is a big Red Puffer, and he'll explode into small ones.

Sprinkle and watch it wobble... what it is?
Answer: A slime. Get one of these by sprinkling Magic Powder on an Octorok.

It munches on nuts... what is it?
Answer: A squirrel. You can catch one in the area of the Lost Woods in which you got the Master Sword.

Pull it out, but... too bad! What is it?
Answer: A fake Master Sword. You can find these around the Lost Woods.

It's red and sweet... what is it?
Answer: An apple. Dash into the left tree near the Red Knight in the section northeast of Hyrule Castle but southeast of the graveyard.

The spectacled wanderer... what is it?
Answer: An Cukeman. Sprinkle Magic Powder on a shocker (like the one near the potion shop) to transform it into one.

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