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A Link to the Past: Items

Offensive Items


Sword Given to you by Link's Uncle when you sneak into the castle at the beginning of the game.

Master Sword

Master Sword Found in the Lost Woods after finding the 3 pendants.

Tempered Sword

Tempered Sword The first upgrade for the Master Sword. After saving the blacksmith's partner from the Dark World, they will temper your sword for you.

Gold Sword

Gold Sword Use the super bomb to blow a hole in the cracked wall on the pyramid. Throw your sword into the pond to receive this upgrade.


Boomerang Found in a treasure chest on your first run through Hyrule Castle. Can be used to hurt small enemies and stun larger enemies. The boomerang can also grab distant items and bring them to you.

Magic Boomerang

Magic Boomerang By throwing your boomerang into the pond behind the waterfall (near the Zora area) you will receive the Magic Boomerang. The boomerang is now colored red and can travel further than the normal boomerang.

Bow & Arrow

Bow The basic bow & arrow can be found in the big chest in the Eastern Palace. After recieving the bow, you can now find arrows as you would find rupees, hearts, and bombs.

Bow & Silver Arrows

Bow Use the super bomb to blow a hole in the cracked wall on the Pyramid of Power. Throw your bow into the pond to receive this upgrade.


Hookshot Found in the big chest in the Swamp Palace. The hookshot can be used, much like the boomerang, to hurt small enemies and stun larger ones. It can retrieves distant items, too. Unlike the boomerang, if attached to a proper place it can pull Link across gaps or over short distances.


Bomb Can be found around the world map, or bought in a store. Can be used to damage enemies, activate switches, and destroy cracked walls.

Magic Hammer

Magic Hammer The Magic Hammer is found in the big chest in the Palace of Darkness. It can be used to hurt enemies and to pound stakes into the ground.

Defensive Items

Green Mail

Green Mail Link's armor when you first begin the game. The classic green tunic look!

Blue Mail

Blue Mail This armor is found in the big chest in the Ice Cavern. It reduces the damage Link takes.

Red Mail

Red Mail The final armor upgrade can be found in the big chest in Ganon's Tower. It reduces the damage Link takes more than the Blue Mail.


Shield Given to you by Link's Uncle when you sneak into the castle at the beginning of the game. The basic shield protects Link from thrown objects, but only his front side.

Red Shield

Red Shield This can be bought in stores in the Dark World or can be obtained by throwing your normal shield into the pond behind the waterfall (near the Zora area). With this upgrade Link can now block fireballs.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield The final Shield is found in the big chest at Turtle Rock. Link can now block lasers.

Magical Items


Lantern In a treasure chest in Link's house. If you do not take it then, it will be in the treasure chest in the castle that normally contains 5 rupees.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Given to you by the old man in the mountains. You can use it to return to the beginning of a dungeon and to return to the Light World from the Dark World.

Magic Powder

Magic Powder In the Lost Woods, you may find a mushroom. If you take this mushroom to the witch in a house on the far right of the map, she will tell you to come back a little later. Leave the map, come back, and go inside the house. The Magic Powder will be there.

Magic Cape

Magic Cape Go to the graveyard (Light World). In the upper right corner you will see a tombstone that is inaccessible without the Titan's Mitt. Use the Pegasus Boots to run into the front of the tombstone. The Magic Cape makes you invisible and immune to damage. You can walk straight through some things, such as the blue bumpers.

Fire Rod

Fire Rod Found in the big chest in the Skull Woods. The rod shoots fireballs to burn enemies and light torches that you cannot reach with the lamp.

Ice Rod

Ice Rod Found in an ice cave (not a dungeon) to the right of Lake Hylia. As one would assume, it freezes enemies.

Cane of Somaria

Cane of Somaria Found in the big chest in Misery Mire. It can create a red block that you can push, lift, and throw. In some cases, it can create a platform. Once a block is placed you can swing the cane again to have the block turn into 4 magic beams that shoot up, down, left, and right.

Cane of Byrna

Cane of Byrna To get this item, you first must go to the area where you first entered the Dark World (The are with the monster kicking around the other monster). There should be an area south of the portal to the Dark World that you can jump off the edge. Once you have jumped, you will be on a ledge. Enter the cave and use the magic hammer to get to the spikes. You can either run across them normally, or you may wish to use the Magic Cape. Once across, you will find a chest with the Cane of Byrna. The cane makes you invincible, but uses magic.


Bombos Medallion Outside of the swamp palace (Dark World) search around for a group of the purple stakes. Get in the middle of them and use the Magic Mirror. You should find a rock with writing on it. Use the Book of Mudora to read it and receive the medallion. Using it will cause explosions all over the screen resulting in dealing fire damage to enemies.


Ether Medallion Go to the Tower of Hera, but do not enter. Head to your left and cross the bridge. Use the Book of Mudora to read the text on the rock. Using the Ether Medallion freezes enemies on the screen.


Quake In the Dark World, head to where the Zora's Waterfall normally is. Along your way, you will surely notice a circle of stones in the water. Throw something in and a fish will come out and give you the quake medallion. Using this will turn enemies into enemies resembling the yellow Slimes.

Misc. Items


Fairy If touched, you will recover 7 hearts. You can also catch it with the Bug-Catching Net and store it in a bottle, so you can use it whenever. If you die with a fairy in you inventory, you will be ressurected with 7 hearts.

Moon Pearl

Moon Pearl Found in the big chest in the Tower of Hera. With this, Link will not turn into a bunny in the Dark World.

Heart Piece

Piece of Heart Pieces of heart are scattered around the world, if you collect 4, your life energy will increase by 1 heart.

*To view the Heart Piece section click here.

Heart Container

Heart Container A full heart. If you pick up just 1 of these, your life energy will increase by 1 heart.


Apple Can be found by using the Pegasus Boots to run into trees. Each apple recovers 1 of your hearts.

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus Boots Sahasrahla gives you these boots after completing the Eastern Palace dungeon. Hold R to do a dash move.

Zora Flippers

Zora Flippers Can be purchased from King Zora for 500 rupees. With these, you can now swim and use whirlpools to transport quickly across the world map.

Power Glove

Power Glove The Power Glove is found in the big chest in the Desert Palace. With these, Link can lift up the light gray stones.

Titan's Mitt

Titan's Mitt An upgraded version of the Power Glove. These are found in the big chest in Thieve's Town. Now Link can lift both light gray stones and dark gray stones.

Book of Mudora

Book of Mudora Go to the library south of Kakariko village. You will see a bookshelf with a green book on top of it. Use the Pegasus Boots to ram into the bookshelf. The book will fall off and you can pick it up. With it, you can read signs that are in Hylian.

Bug-Catching Net

Bug Catching In Kakariko Village, find the house with the sick boy in it. He will let you borrow his net because he is sick and cannot use it. You can use it to catch faries, bees, etc.


Bee Can be caught with the Bug-Catching Net and is stored in a bottle. When released, will attack a nearby enemy.


Shovel In the Light World, you have probably seen the grove with the boy playing the flute on a tree stump. Well, if you travel there in Dark World you will find that the boy is trapped there. He tells you about how he buried his flute along with some flower seeds. He will give you his shovel so that you can go and find it for him.


Flute Now that you have the shovel, use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. You know it is buried with flowers, so that will help you locate it. It is buried in the upper left corner of the grove. Once you have it, return to the Dark World and play it for the boy. He will ask you to show it to the old man in the village. Once you show it to him, he will let you keep it. Now, go to the bird statue in the village and play the flute again. Now, you can use the flute from anywhere and a bird will come pick you up and take you where you want to go!

Red Potion

Red Potion The potion of life. Restores all hearts. Stored in a jar. Can be purchased in shops for 120 rupees.

Green Potion

Green Potion The potion of magic. Restores all magic power. Stored in a jar. Can be purchased in shops for 60 rupees.

Blue Potion

Blue Potion Restores both life and magic. Can be purchased in shops for 160 rupees.

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