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A Link to the Past: Characters


Link The main hero of all Legend of Zelda Games. In this game, Link's quest is to save the Princess Zelda from the evil Wizard Agahnim.


Zelda The Princess who was put in the dungeon after her father, the King of Hyrule, was overthrown by Agahnim, and later sent to the dark world.


Agahnim The Evil Wizard is set on taking control of Hyrule so that his counterpart Ganon, can become supreme ruler of both the Light and Dark Worlds.


Sahasrahla A decendant of the seven wise men. He is a trusted man of Kakariko Village. He helps Link throughout his quest by communicating with him telepathically.


Ganon The Moblin Mastermind behind all the Wizards's Plans and actions, his goal is to use all the evil he controls in the dark world, and send it into the light world. He is Link's worst Enemy.

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