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A Link to the Past: Bottle Locations

There are four bottles you must find in this game. You can store many things in them such as fairies and potions. Below you will learn how to find every bottle in the game.

Bottle #1

Bottle 1 On the east side of Kakariko Village, there is a man sitting on a rug selling bottles. Buy one from him for 100 Rupees.

Bottle #2

Bottle 2 Go through the door in the back of the long building (aka the Inn) in Kakariko Village thats located towards the south. Open the chest and inside it will contain your second bottle.

Bottle #3

Bottle 3 North of Lake Hylia there is a bridge and in order to get under it you need your flippers. Swim under the bridge and talk to the man thats sleeping, he will give you a bottle.

Bottle #4

Bottle 4 After rescuing the Blacksmith's brother, go to the Dark World and the Blacksmith's house will be all torn down. Inside will be a treasure chest, warp to the Light World and take it to the man standing next to a sign just before you enter the Desert of Mystery. He will open the chest and give you the bottle.

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