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A Link to the Past: Boss Strategies

Dungeon Bosses

Armos Knights

There are 6 Armos Knights that will be dancing around once you enter the room. Get you bow out and ready as you will need it for the first part of the battle. You can start shooting them while they are dancing or do it an easier way. Wait until they form a line at the top of the screen then start taking them out one by one until you have killed all, but one. The final Armos Knight will turn red and start jumping on you. Get into a corner and keep pressing the A button to swing your sword continuously, otherwise it will probably land on you.


For the most part this boss is pretty easy. When you enter the room 3 Lanmolas will rise up from underneath the dirt and then dig back down. You will only need your sword to defeat them. So when they come up, attack their head, but watch out for the specs of dirt that will come flying out. Keep stabbing until they are all dead.


This guy can be very annoying as it will knock you off the side of the platform and even sometimes in the center. The Moldrom's weak point is the small propeller at the end of its tail. Each time you hit the propeller it will shrink in size and move around faster. Keep going after the tail until defeated.

*Note* - If you fall off the edges, you will have to start the fight all over.


You will have to defeat him twice in the game. The first time should be pretty easy. When he sends blue magic balls flying at you, hit them back at him. Do this until he get aggravated and teleports. Also, watch out for the lighing that he shoots out at you, you will know when he is about to do this when he moves to the top-center of the screen. Another thing to watch out for is sometimes he will create a flower looking thing and shoot it at you, you can hit it, but it will just break apart, it won't effect Agahnim.


This boss has two parts in order to defeat him. Your first priority will be to blow up the mask on its face. Get out your bombs and lay one underneath the Helmasaur. The mask will chip off piece by piece until the entire thing is blown off. The second part is to stab his gem-like-thing on his head with your sword until he's dead.


When you start out against this boss, he will be surrounded by smaller Arrghuses. Hookshot each of the smaller ones and slash them with your sword. Continue this until you have killed off all the small Arrghus. The larger Arrghus will then fly up and then drop down on you and swim around. Run up to it and strike it with your sword. Repeat until dead.


Mothula is a real pain to beat, so be sure you either have some fairies, life potions, or magic potions if you intend on using the fire rod. You can juts use your sword if you don't have that great of preception. Strike it until its dead, but be sure to watch out for the circle beams that Mothula shoots at you and the spikey objects that will be flying across the room.


After you rescue the girl ffrom the cell, bring her into the main room and she will say that the light is too bright causing her to go blind and then turn into Blind. Use your sword and go after its head. The sheet will fall off and a head will spin around the room shooting fireballs at you. Repeat the process two more times and she will be done for.


Get your fire rod ready before you enter the bosses room. Shoot flames at Kholdstare until it unfreezes. Three Kholdstares will come out and float around the room. You can either use your sword or the fire rod to kill them. Watch out for the ice blocks that fall from the ceiling.


When you enter the bosses chambers, little eyeballs will come bouncing towards you. Kill as many as you can with your sword, but watch out for the big eyeball as it will shoot lighting at you. After killing so many smaller eyeballs the bigger one will start bouncing around the room. Get in a corner and start swinging away with your sword until its dead.


This bosses is a huge turtle made of rock with three heads. You may need at least 1 Magic Potion, incase you mess up. To kill him start out by using your fire rod on the ice head, when thats destroyed, go after the ice head with the fire rod, but watch out for Trinexx's expanding neck. When you have killed off the 2 heads, Trinexx will come out of his rock-hard shell and run around the room at you. Hit the blinking part of its body a few times and that will finish him off.


Once again you have to battle this annoying wizard. It's pretty much the same as before, except this time Agahnim has brought with him 2 shadow clones of himself. They will all start throwing balls of magic at you and you need to figure out which one is the real Agahnim and by using your sword, make the balls fly back at him. Continue this until you have destroyed this foe...forever!

Final Boss - Ganon


Now you finally have to battle Ganon himself. He may be quite tricky, especially if this is your first time playing it. The first stage isn't so hard. Just run around the room and attack him with your sword. Be careful though, as he throws his trident or whatever you want to call it, teleports to the area where it will end up and catches it. He wil also make fireballs go around him in a circle and then they will turn into bats and fly at you. Keep swinging your sword at him until the stage to kill him comes.

Ganon will now jump in the air, causing tiles on the outside to start falling off, then move around the room. All lanterns will be shut off and you will be left in the dark. Relight the lanterns so you can see and stun Ganon with your sword when he stops moving. Use your silver arrows and hit him with one. Repeat the process until he is defeated. Congratulations you have beaten the game.

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