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Hyrulian Races

In this guide you will learn facts about all the races and cultures that reside in the land of Hyrule.


Anouki This cute little race are a cross between penguins, reindeer and possibly eskimos. They live on the Isle of Frost fighting with Yooks over territory.

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Deku At first glance, a Deku may seem to be a tree stump with eyes, but it's much more than that. Dekus are a race with bodies similar to the trees which populate their environment. When Link gets ahold of the Deku Mask, he will be able to transform into a Deku Scrub. As a Deku Scrub, Link can spring out of certain flowers, shoot snot bubbles, and protect himself within a nutshell (literally).

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Fairy A fairy is always assigned to a Kokiri as its guardian. There are other fairies you may see roaming around called "stray fairies". The Great Fairy, the biggest of all fairies can give you upgrades along your journey.

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Gerudo Gerudos tend to be an untrusty group. They colonize in hideouts. A male is only born every one-hundred years, so most Gerudo are female. So far, Ganondorf has always been the male Gerudo whenever mentioned in a game.

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Goron This breed of life throughout Hyrule consists of rock-eating habits. Gorons have the ability to curl up into a ball to roll around. They also have the ability to use their mighty strength to both punch things and slam themselves into the ground. With the aid of the Goron Mask, Link can turn into a Goron. Once rolling, if Link has enough magic power, he can produce spikes as an offensive weapon as well as gain a lot of rolling-speed. However, doing so will take away his magic.

Gorons tend to live in areas in and on mountains, as well as close to volcanic sources. As you can imagine, if they prefer heat (which they can withstand pretty good; they can even walk on small traces of lava), they must hate cold water. Ironically, though, in The Wind Waker, Gorons travel around as merchants on rafts which float in The Great Sea.

It's rumored that they've scattered due to what's known as "The Great Flood" - a theory held within the Zelda Timeline. In rare cases, Gorons may grow to be incredibly giant.

Appears in:


Hylian Hylians are a pointy-eared group who tend to have dramatic effects to Hyrule's fate. They even have the ability to tap into others' minds (Zelda does this in both A Link to the Past and in Ocarina of Time).

Appears in:
  • Since Link is Hylian, this race appears in every Zelda game.


Kokiri Link originally thought he was came from this race, since he was raised in the Kokiri Forest with other Kokiri children. However, apart from not having a fairy for a period of time, Link could age the same pace as other creatures - a trait not found in the Kokiri. It's rumored that Kokiris might've evolved into the Koroks that appear in The Wind Waker.

Appears in:


Korok A tribe found in the Forest Haven. Not much is known about Koroks, but it's rumored that they derived from the Kokiris. Koroks have an annual event that consists of instrument playing. They attend the Great Deku Tree, just like the Kokiri race did during their existance.

Appears in:


Lokomo Although not much is known about this race yet, it seems that Nintendo has reported the Lokomo's as a new race.

Anjean the only known Lokomo so far looks to be half-women and half train. Also, it could be possible that Anjean's legs are tucked inside and uses the engine as a way of transportation.

Appears in:

Minish (Picori)

Minish (Picori) The Minish (or "Picori") are a race that are said to be legendary or mythical. Normal Hyrulians overlook the Minish whenever one happens to run past. The reason for this is, as their name suggests, they are very tiny. They're small enough to use lily pads as a form of bypassing the obstacles of water. Minish have a unique language of their own, but having a Jabber Nut will allow you to understand their language.

Appears in:


Oocca Oocca's are odd looking creatures that reside in the City in the Sky. They have a chicken-like body, but have a human head. They supposedly related with the Hylian family.

Appears in:


Rito These flying creatures are a unique inhabitance to Hyrule. Thanks to their wings, they are Hyrule's mail service. Ontop of their volcano sits Valoo, the idol that the Rito worship.

Although just a rumor, it has been said that the Rito tribe may have evolved from the Zoras. This would allow them to get around quicker, as swimming through Hyrule's waters wouldn't be as fast as flying.

Appears in:


Sheikah The Sheikah are limited in number. They are chosen by gods to protect the Royal Family. In the Ocarina of Time, Impa teaches Link the song that lets other recognize his connection to the Royal Family.

Appears in:


Subrosian These hooded creatures wear cloaks that only show their large eyes. Unlike most other races of Hyrule, they live in an extremely hot area full of lava.

Appears in:


Tokay The race of Tokay exist on their own little island. They scavange around for items, but are a friendly race.

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Twili The people of Twili are decendants of others who tried taking over The Sacred Realm, because of it they were put into the Twilight Realm by ancient goddesses. They are mainly black and white with green swirly glows on them.

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Yeti The Yeti race is found on Peak Province. As far as we know there are only two Yeti's still alive, Yeto and Yeta. This race is known for withstanding very harsh cold conditions.

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Zora A fishy creature indeed. Zoras can breathe the oxygen in both air and water. Their fins help them be expert swimmers. Like the Deku and Goron Mask, Link can obtain the Zora Mask to transform into, you guessed it, a Zora. If Link has enough magic power, he can surround himself with electric energy which can be used to both kill things and even break through wood in some cases.

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