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The Zelda series tends to have appearances in them from other games made by Nintendo. Not only that, but other Nintendo games feature things from the Zelda games, too. This page is dedicated to finding those little "easter eggs".

If you happen to know about some cameos that we haven't put up, go ahead and submit them to us. As with all of our other pages, we'll credit you for the submission.

Nintendo cameos in the Zelda games

A Link to the Past

Mario Picture
In one of the houses in Kakariko Village there is a picture of Mario on the wall.

Link's Awakening

Chain Chomp
There is a pet Chain Chomp named "Bow-Wow" that is chained to a house in Mabe Village.

Yoshi Doll
In Mabe Village, the shop featuring a treasure grabbing game has a Yoshi doll.

Ocarina of Time

Nintendo Characters
As a child, in the Hyrule Courtyard, near where Zelda is standing, there are two windows on the castle. When you enter the area, there is a window on the left of you, up on the castle's wall, and one across from it, located on the right wall. If you look at the window on the right, you will see a set of paintings which contain characters from the Mario games.

You can shoot your slingshot at the window to pop out a red Rupee. If you shoot at the opposite window, a guard will come out and throw a bomb at you.

Talon the plumber
Talon the ranch owner (well, after seven years, "ex-ranch owner"), not only resembles Mario by wearing his colored clothes and having that mustache, he is also fond of Bowser. He wears a Bowser clip on a zipper which is worn near his neck.

The Minish Cap

In the Cloud Tops, you encounter a new enemy to the Zelda series: a Lakitu. Even though Lakitu were found back in Mario games.

Zelda cameos in Nintendo games

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Zelda music and Link
After defeating Bowyer in the forest, go back to the Rose town inn and choose to stay. When you wake up Link is in the other bed and when you walk up and try to talk to him it plays a zelda sound effect.

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