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First thing's first: I like the color blue. Aside from it being my favorite color, it just works so well on websites, as it's usually very pleasing on the eyes. It gives a sense of things being calm, and it just ... works. While I've made layouts that had other colors, nothing looks as "right" as the blue ones I make. That's why you'll always see our designs use lots of shades and tints of blue.

Before we started Destination Zelda, we use to have a site called Zelda Dimension. It had opened and closed several times, but its final closure came from a hacking attempt and a database backup that was corrupt. The following year, we decided to once again make our mark in the Zelda community, but with a complete revision of what we had and why we had it. With that in mind, we decided to use a new name for the site - something that actually meant something. That was the beginning of Destination Zelda.

Destination Zelda Layout Designs

Destination Zelda Version 1

I really like this layout design. Seriously, I think that the wooden areas, whispy header, and abstract curves and designs worked out way better than I hoped they would. With a fresh new start at re-building a Zelda fan-site, I couldn't use a layout that wasn't good looking, so this design took weeks to fully make. Of course, those weeks were also spent re-programming everything else on the site, including the way our content was coded.

Since I'm new to AJAX, but really like what it can do, I wanted to try and have it be a huge part of the site. By using AJAX, I was able to make the Zelda games (listed on the right side of the page) show a section above whatever page's content that you're looking at, whenever you click on a game. This was inspired by how older Zelda fan-sites would use an area above the content to show all the guides to whatever game you were looking at, if you were looking at a game. However, I wanted you to be able to switch over to another game's section if you wanted, without leaving the page.

Since not everyone uses a browser that supports JavaScript (which AJAX relies on), I had to find some way to make people (...and search engines...) find the Zelda guides that we have, too. Luckily, I found a way to make a drop-down list that only used CSS - no JavaScript. Although it looks kind've weird to see the games in two places on the same page, they're there for a reason.

Since I don't need to write a whole story here, I'll just hurry up quickly and say that some of the images in our layout were actually from real-life. We went to a park and took a bunch of pictures of trees, grass, etc., to use in the layout, so it wouldn't look as "digital". Whether or not the fairies in the background were also photographed, we'll never say.

Zelda Dimension (our older layout designs)

Zelda Dimension Version 1

When we opened our site up, this was how the site looked. We were trying to go for a glossy look. The design included pictures from Twilight Princess, The Minish Cap, and even The Wind Waker. We decided to use the Hylian bird symbol as our logo, but it wasn't a very original idea.

Zelda Dimension Version 2

Since the previous layout used a lot of images, we tried making a new design that wasn't so focused on using many different images. Our Hylian bird logo wasn't what we wanted, so we got rid of it. The scroll-paper menus were inspired by the scroll-paper designs in The Wind Waker.

Putting the Zelda buttons above the content area was an idea that we wanted to try out, but just like the lack of images, wasn't the best idea for our site. Destination Zelda somehow just has to have a very image-based design. Certain curves were inspired by Twilight Princess - this is was the first time we tried using Twilight Princess themes in our designs (aside from the header image in our first version), but wouldn't be the last.

Zelda Dimension Version 3

Since we didn't like how the lack of images made our site turn out, we made this new layout have many more images, ranging from a new logo to extra images that were only there to help make the design look even better. The new logo was the result of an idea that I had after drawing some rough concepts of possible logo designs. It didn't take long to make, and we continue to use it as Destination Zelda's logo. The layout's theme was largely based on Twilight Princess, but the overall style of the layout was meant to be a mixture of glossy and grunge concepts. Placing the Zelda game buttons between the left navigation area and the content area was an idea inspired by Zelda Universe's old layout.

Zelda Dimension Version 4

This was another Destination Zelda layout that focused on Twilight Princess. The style was still based on grunge effects, but we tried to make it a little more elegant. The scroll-paper effect was used again, but this time its placement was inspired by Blizzard's official World of Warcraft site. We once again put the Zelda game buttons back on the right side of the site.

Zelda Dimension Version 5

Here shows the last layout Zelda Dimension will ever have. Our fifth layout was meant to be a mixture of Twilight Princess (once again...), and a toned down glossy feel. At the time, we had a fan-game in the works, but due to the fear that Nintendo wouldn't be happy, we stopped progressing with its development. It was too bad, too, as the registration/login system worked as planned, and the main game's system was working.

Back to the actual layout: It seems that I keep wanting to put curves similar to Twilight Princess's style in the layouts, but fail each time. It usually just turns out to be too much work, and not worth it, so I'd give up and use whatever I had up to that point. That same concept was how the curves that repeat throughout this version were created. Although this was the last layout ZD would ever use, at least it was one worth leaving with.

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Spirit Tracks
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The Wind Waker
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Majora's Mask
Ocarina of Time
Link's Awakening
A Link to the Past
Adventure of Link
Legend of Zelda

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