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If you were confused about something on our site, or why things are done the way they are, hopefully a section on this page will give you your answer.

Since we just released this new version of our site, this page doesn't have a huge list.

Here's a list of our topics:
  • Help! I can't look at the Zelda guides!

  • Why can't I view without JavaScript?

  • What resolution should I view DZ with?

  • What internet browser should I be using?

  • Why are there multiple guide locations?

Questions and Answers

Help! I can't look at the Zelda guides!

If for whatever reason clicking the Zelda games on the right side of the page doesn't do anything, we have other ways for you to access our guides. This can happen if you have an outdated internet browser or currently have JavaScript turned off. As mentioned a bit further down this page, our Our Zelda Guides page has a complete list of every Zelda guide that we have. It's usually a much easier alternative than messing with your computer settings to try and get something to work.

If you've ran into a problem due to JavaScript not working, I suggest you read the next section to know what you're missing out on.

What can't I view without JavaScript?

We really recommend having JavaScript turned on for our site, as it gives a couple aesthetic features to Destination Zelda. With JavaScript enabled, you'll be able to see that clicking the Zelda games on the right side of the page makes an area above the content area of whatever page you happen to be looking at. This is nice as it's a quick access to our guides without having to leave the page you're viewing.

You'll also be able to use our custom image scripts when viewing certain Zelda guides. Although we've designed it so that it's still accessible without JavaScript, having it turned on can make it a bit more "user-friendly".

What resolution should I view DZ with?

When designing the current layout, we used a computer with a 1280x800 resolution, so the best resolution would be that. However, since there are so many resolutions nowadays, we made sure the site would still look good for higher resolutions, and for anyone still using 1024x768. We don't support 800x600 resolutions, as most people no longer use it (it's really getting outdated).

What internet browser should I be using?

Firefox. ...Or Google Chrome. While the site is optimized to work on the most popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari), Firefox and Chrome are the ones I personally recommend. Since Internet Explorer doesn't like CSS as much as other browsers, we only support version 7 and higher.

Why are there multiple guide locations?

One of the main focuses with our design was making it quick and easy to find a Zelda guide. By clicking on a Zelda game button on the right-side of the site, an area will appear over whatever content you're looking at showing any game's links. While this is a great, quick way to view our pages, some people may prefer a more traditional way of accessing our content. Not only that, but people that don't have JavaScript enabled won't be able to use this feature properly.

Above all of our links on the left side of our site is a drop-down list that anyone using our recommended browsers can use. The list actually links to the Information pages of our Zelda games, so it's not as convenient. However, you don't need to have JavaScript to view the drop-down list of Zelda games.

Finally, there is also a page called Our Zelda Guides, which has a list of, as I'm sure you can guess, our guides. This page is great if you want to see multiple games at once. So for example, you could click a Boss Strategies page from different games without having to change pages. Whenever we add a new guide to one of our Zelda games, it'll automatically be put into the Our Zelda Guides list.

Games and Guides

Spirit Tracks
Phantom Hourglass
Twilight Princess
The Minish Cap
The Wind Waker
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Majora's Mask
Ocarina of Time
Link's Awakening
A Link to the Past
Adventure of Link
Legend of Zelda

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