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So, you want to help us out, and want to find a way to contact us? Perhaps you want to complain about something, or submit some content that we're missing or is incorrect. Whatever the case, we have three solutions.
  • "Contact & Submit":

    While the following two ways to contact us are fine, we prefer if you use our forums for that purpose. There is a specific category on our message boards dedicated to fan submissions. By registering a free account on our forums, you're granted with the ability to post contributions to the site via the "Contact & Submit" sections.

    The specific boards for contacting us aren't just for submitting content (which can range from a very large portion of content that you've written, to small corrections). If there are errors on the site, or boards, or if you have feedback, leave it in our proper boards.
  • Contact Form:

    We have a custom contact form that you can fill out, which sends an e-mail to us with your query. If you don't have an account on our forums, we suggest you use this method to contact the Destination Zelda staff. If you need to send an image you can either upload it to a free image sharing site, and mention the URL to the image in your message, or send your image (and message) in an e-mail.
  • E-mail:

    If you need to contact us, but don't want to post on the forums or use our contact form, you can e-mail us at Destination Zelda E-mail

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