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Although obtaining awards isn't a common thing, when we do get one, we like to show it off. Below are awards that we've gotten from sites that have given us recognition for one thing or another.

"Most Lively Forums" (2008)

Technically, this award was for Zelda Dimension, however Destination Zelda is the reincarnation of ZD, so hopefully it counts.

Exploding Deku Nut has yearly awards that's been a tradition in the Zelda community. They hand out a few awards to sites that they feel (as well as the people who nominate the sites) deserve it. In 2008, we had our first award - not only that, but it was the first of a particularly new award that EDN was giving out. EDN still has the actual award page still up, but if you want to save yourself a whole mouse-click, here's what was said about our forums:

"Zelda Dimension has always been known for their outstanding layouts, with each one surpassing the last. The Zelda Dimension forums carry the same beautiful blue color that their site shares and adds a nice to feel to the place. From a quick glance around their message boards, I see many familiar names, members that are frequent visitors of several other Zelda forums. Yet Zelda Dimension has something that draws many of these visitors towards this one place."

- Mases, Webmaster of Zelda Dungeon -

There’s something different about the Zelda Dimension community.

You can see it in the posting of the members, the welcoming of new people, in the moderation of the forums.

Zelda Dimension reopened in the summer of 2006 by Henry and Alicia. Like all sites, they posted content, had their ups and downs, slow periods and fast times. But during that time a community formed, one as Mases said, draws Zelda fans from all over the community.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve heard more things about the Zelda Dimension forums than any other site. I suppose that, and the number nominations I received, meant I should check it out.

What strikes me is the atmosphere of the forums. This is not a place where a strict set of unyielding, no nonsense rules trumps all. But at the same time there is no sense of chaos or anarchy, a “post whatever you want” attitude that is prevalent on many forums. What you find is a forum with members who know and follow the rules, but at the same time know how to enjoy themselves.

The other main aspect of the community is the respect each member has for one other. New members are welcomed warmly, debates are conducted respectfully, and conflicts are resolved without what one might call “traditional internet flaming”. These members are mature, and it shows in their treatment of each other.

That is not to say the moderators don’t have anything to do. But infractions are dealt with responsibly and quickly. I suppose the best gauge on how these forums are would come from the members themselves.

If I may quote from a nomination I received:

“It is the most loving and kind forum I have ever been to. The staff and members are really helpful and great”

This award was created to honor a truly different, fun loving, and excellent online community. If you are looking for an outstanding Zelda community to join, the Zelda Dimension forums are the place for you. Therefore, it is my pleasure to award this year’s Golden Light Arrow for Most Lively Forums to Zelda Dimension. Congratulations to Henry, Alicia, the moderators and members of the ZD Community, best of luck in the years to come.

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