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Affiliation is a mutual exchange in links where sites benifit from one-another. This is not only helpful for having new users find ways to get to your site, but it also helps increase how search engines like Google rank your page. However, we don't accept just any site and throw them on our affiliates list. There are some rules that your site must qualify for before we decide to add you to our list. If you think that your site can get by with each of these rules, then go ahead and submit it to us.

  • We only accept Zelda fan-sites. Sites that are only forums won't be accepted.

  • The amount of hits your site gets per day won't be taken into account.

  • Sites that use a language other than English can still be listed under our "Foreign Friends" list.

  • Your site's layout must be pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate.

  • Your Zelda fan-site should have a good amount of quality content. We would also prefer it if you have unique features that separate your site from all of the others.

  • All content must be your own, unless the proper credit has been given.

  • Usually, your site must've been around for at least four months. Depending on the quality of your site, exceptions can be made.

  • We won't accept links related to "adult themed" content and/or images, nor ROMs, or anything illegal for that matter.

  • The Destination Zelda staff are respectable people, and we expect the same communication back. Whether we decide to accept your Zelda site or not is our decision. If we decide not to add you to our lists, touch up your site on the areas we suggest, and get back to us when you feel your site has been improved.

You must also put a link, or an 88x31 button linking to our site on your site in an affiliate section which should appear on every page of your website (we do the same). Of course, you don't have to link it on your forums, image gallery, or any other third-party software not related to your "main" content pages.

If you want to use one of our images instead of a text link, go to our Link to Us section.

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If your website complies with our above requirements, you may fill out the affiliation form, located in our Contact Us page.

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